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Why Hire a Bookkeeper?

  • It allows business owners to focus their valuable time building their company, monitoring the business’s progress and growth, servicing their customers, examine real profits or losses and planning the future of the company.
  • Most entrepreneurs initially do their own bookkeeping. However, when they become established they find that after long days of working their business there is little energy left to do the paperwork. This can result in lost revenues and customers.
  • The cost of a bookkeeper vs. what the business owner’s time is worth is significantly different. Example: if a bookkeeper charges $30 per hour and the business owner’s time is worth $90 per hour, by hiring a bookkeeper they are saving $60 per hour plus the time saved can be spent by putting it back into their business.
  • Regular daily or weekly bookkeeping will ensure that a company is ready for an accountant by the end of the year. This will help avoid much more costly CPA fees.